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Database Design, Develop & Migration

Database has become an integral part of any enterprise application developed these days. It is now hard to imagine any application without database support as most of the applications are developed with Database Management Software as backend.

Database design/development is not an easy task as we imagine. It requires a skilled and organized mind to set a proper pathway for development and design of a database.

We, at Dream 2 Digital offer services for the large variety of our clients' requirements ranging from new design & development to update the existing systems, from web based applications to Intranet applications, running and supporting multiplatform.

Migrating data from one system to another involves more than simple data transfer. Effective data migration involves a clean and thorough translation of data from the source format to the target format. Without measures to validate and enhance data quality, a data transfer operation may do simply that - transfer bad data from one format to another.

We have a very efficient team to effectively analyze, organize and migrate your database.

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