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Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

Many companies place their advertisements in many websites. When one accesses the web page, those ads appear. There are many chances that the user may click on the ad. When the user does so, the company pays the host website for this, based on the number of times their ads have been accessed. This business model is called Pay-Per-Click.

This works well for a number of businesses, as they can easily make someone access their site instead of one typing the website URL and accessing it organically. Search engine advertising plays a rather vital role in this. An ad can be placed on the results of a search engine's sponsored links, whereby it becomes easy for a user to click on it and see the web page. It can attract a lot of traffic to the website and a small fee is paid to the host website every time and this amount is, in fact, meagre when compared to the whole lot of traffic that the website would gain if the PPC is working right.

Here's an example. If an apparel business places an advertisement in a website and a user clicks on it, it takes the user to the web page where you can see the apparel in a better, brighter placement with a lucrative deal. Even if the user clicked on it inadvertently, it is possible that the user may make a split second decision to buy it. When the user buys the apparel for £300, the sum to be paid to the host website would be a meagre £3!

Having said that, it is not very easy to do a PPC campaign. Market research and picking on the right keywords are crucial. Then comes the organising part and then getting the PPC landing pages right. When this is done right, the advantages are many. Google charges less per click if only the ads and landing pages are worthy and effective for users. This is great for any business. The trick is to know how to do it right, like us, at dream2digital.

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